Cash is King – But Data-Driven Forecasting Rules!

18. Mai 202215:35-16:25Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH | Workshop Stage

In this session, Jörg Wiemer, CSO and Co-Founder of TIS and Nicolas Christiaen, CEO at Cashforce will discuss the increasing need for optimized cash forecasting operations. They will discuss the importance of taking a data-driven approach to cash flow forecasting, and how a data first mindset leads to a forecast process that generate real actionable insights.

Jörg and Nicholas will also explore the challenges of getting to the right data and how data quality underpins improvements in cash forecasting.

The session will conclude with discussing the current impact of macro-economic factors and why now, given supply chain issues because of the pandemic and inflation, organizations need their data to work harder and allow for faster decision making, payment review, cash visibility, and forecasting accuracy.


Nicolas Christiaen

CEO & Co-founder 


Jörg Wiemer

CSO und Mitgründer

Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH

  • Sponsor: Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH
  • 18. Mai 2022
  • 15:35- 16:25
  • Workshop Stage
  • Variohalle 4