KYC: From pain to gain with automated digitalisation | KYC: Einfach gemacht mit Hilfe von automatisierter Digitalisierung

18. Mai 202214:15-15:05Avallone | Workshop Stage

Know-your-customer (KYC) processes have challenged corporations for long enough to now be a part of everyday life for legal, treasury and more. Even so, it’s still a major pain. So what are the best practices and trends? How can technology and software help? This is an interactive session where industry experts combined with participants will give us a better understanding of why KYC is so important, how KYC looks at its worst, and last but not least, how KYC can be at its best when enabled by technology.


Anders Meinert Jørgensen

CEO & Co-founder


  • Sponsor: Avallone
  • 18. Mai 2022
  • 14:15- 15:05
  • Workshop Stage
  • Johannes Brahms