Latest trends in Cash management & forecasting

18. Mai 202214:15-15:05Cashforce | Workshop Stage

A seemingly infinite sea of spreadsheets is still a common sight in treasury, although the negative consequences are common knowledge. The processes involved are manual, time-consuming, and treasury & finance teams struggle to obtain the information they need from other departments. One of the answers to this problem, automation, comes with many benefits. By automating their processes, treasury teams can effectively gain better insights into their Cash management & forecasting processes.

  • During this session, we’ll be covering the following topics:
  • Digitization of cash forecasting: is it more than just automating an Excel-based process?
  • Cash forecasting / working capital management: how did the game change with Covid?
  • Direct / indirect cash forecasting: pros & cons of both methods and reconciliation
  • APIs / AI / ML in treasury: where is it (still)hype / where is it reality?
  • Referenten

    Nicolas Christiaen

    CEO & Co-founder 


    Dr. Duncan Cole



    • Sponsor: Cashforce
    • 18. Mai 2022
    • 14:15- 15:05
    • Workshop Stage
    • Carl Orff