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Company information

Hello Germany, we are Stater.

We are the first digital service provider for construction financing with instant credit decision based on a PAN-European platform. 

Our goal is to support lenders in their digital transformation, accelerate their processes and set them up cost-efficiently with our newly founded Stater GmbH. We create customer experience and integrated services to serve you quickly, directly and digitally. We are now enabling the complete digital mapping of the credit decision in construction finance by redefining the credit decision process and transforming the market.

In total, we manage 1.7 million loans every day in the Netherlands and Belgium, with a total volume of over 310 billion euros, for more than 27 different lenders, from neo to major banks. We are the market leader there and now also offer our services in Germany.

Since 2019, Stater is part of one of the biggest and best IT-BPO companies in the world: Infosys BPM. In addition, the bank ABN AMRO has been a shareholder in Stater since its inception. Together with these two shareholders, we combine banking expertise with the most innovative IT capabilities. 

With Infosys as a major shareholder, we can offer much more when it comes to innovation and digitalisation in the mortgage market. A constant focus on international growth, continuous efficiency improvements and high-quality innovative services. Or in other words: We are always doing more for lenders and consumers.

Hello Germany, we are Stater. How can we help you?