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360T, Deutsche Börse Group's foreign exchange center of excellence, is an independent, globally established trading platform. The company provides web-based trading technology for OTC trading instruments, integration solutions and related services.360T is an award-winning multi-bank portal for foreign exchange, capital markets and interest rate derivatives products. By combining on-exchange and over-the-counter foreign exchange trading, 360T, together with Deutsche Börse Group, provides the most comprehensive offering in the market.

Beyond streamlining foreign exchange trade execution, 360T enables clients to reduce their operational costs and risks at every stage of the trading cycle, while strengthening transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

360T is a Software as a Service solution and is regulated by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The company serves the needs of over 2400 clients worldwide, including global and regional corporate treasuries, institutional asset managers and hedge funds, as well as commercial and private banks.

360T’s network is used by over 2300 buy-side clients organizations worldwide, including globaland regional Corporate Treasuries alongside several hundred commercial and private banks and major Asset Managers. White-label and in-house trading solutions provided by 360T have been adopted by major international companies to link request and transaction flow through a central trading desk. 360T has a global presence with customers in more than 75 countries and offices in Europe, America, Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East.