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Treasury connects: the community finally meets again!

The Corona pandemic is still strongly influencing our lives. As organisers, we have to take the special situation into account and protect the health of all participants to the best of our ability. We have therefore decided to hold the 32nd Finance Symposium purely virtually.


Hosting a virtual congress brings challenges and at the same time opens up new opportunities. Our goal is to create a virtual congress that you have never seen before. To do justice to this, we have developed a variety of new formats and networking opportunities for you!


Join us in creating an exciting 32nd Finance Symposium, packed with current topics and challenges that all participants will look forward to.

What can you expect?


Virtual means above all flexibility! Flexibility for you as exhibitor, but also flexibility for our participants. Wherever you are: at home, in the office or on the road – at the 32nd Finance Symposium you won‘t miss a thing.

Network like never before in this form. We don‘t see virtual as an online game, video portal or document storage, but much more as another way to bring the right people, ideas and resources together in a targeted manner.Of course we offer you a video stream and everything else that makes a virtual conference special. But our focus is very much on networking.

The perfect discussion partner has certainly registered for our congress, you just have to find him. And this is exactly where our integrated matchmaking solution helps you.

Up to date

Digital intelligence and technological innovation are reshaping business models, working methods and core objectives.

Since 1988, the Finance Symposium has seen itself as a driving force in the industry. In addition to reports from the field, demonstrating system innovations or the market presence of new companies, the Finance Symposium has always dared to take a look into the „crystal ball“ and thus also provided controversial food for thought in the financial sector. This should not change in the future.

Together with you, we will provide financial experts with concrete assistance to help them be better equipped for their daily business. Create a fascinating and exciting program with us and share your expert knowledge with the treasury community.

Keynote Speaker 2021

Uli Hoeneß

Honorary President of FC Bayern München e.V.

Sigmar Gabriel

Former Federal Foreign Minister / Chairman of Atlantik-Brücke e.V.