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Company information

The company name EFiS AG (EDI Finance Services) aptly summarises the claim EFiS AG has been pursuing since its foundation in 1994 - to shape the payment transaction landscape for corporates and banks with innovative, efficient and audit-proof financial transaction solutions.

EFiS AG has established itself as one of the leading software houses for innovations in payment transactions and is a "frontrunner" in the provision of services for financial transactions.

With the E.F.I.S.© "All-in-One" payment platform, EFiS fully serves the trend towards digital value-added services and real-time transactions. The E.F.I.S.® platform combines all services, functions, workflows and data centre solutions, offering customers maximum efficiency, agility, security, automation and standardisation.

The payments world is changing and evolving. Instant payments, digital currency (CBDC), M2M, EPI and request-to-pay are just the beginning, with many other disruptive financial processes to follow. Thanks to the future-oriented architecture of the EFiS data centre (separation of customer area from SWIFT territory) and the high variability of the EFiS® "All-in-One" platform, EFiS AG guarantees a high degree of agility, which is necessary for the customer to react quickly and effectively to the disruptive financial processes of the future and to generate added value from them.