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Hanseatic tradition, continuity and reliability

As a subsidiary of the HanseMerkur Group, HanseMerkur Trust is part of a traditional Hanseatic company whose roots lie in the founding of Hanseatische Krankenversicherung VVaG in 1875. As a mutual insurance association, HanseMerkur is still committed today only to its customers and employees - and not to any external shareholders or investors. As a financially sound and fast-growing medium-sized company, HanseMerkur's strategy is geared towards the overriding goal of the Group's long-term independence.

At HanseMerkur Trust, we manage over EUR 14 billion in investment assets, of which EUR 2 billion are managed for third-party clients. Our clients include insurance companies, pension funds, industrial companies, foundations and churches. As a medium-sized asset manager, we combine professional processes, lean structures and individual and personal support for our clients.