Instimatch Global

Financial services provider


Company information

Currently, opaque markets, fragmented trading venues, and tedious price discovery with a limited number of potential counterparties lead to suboptimal results. Instimatch solves all of these problems by providing instant price discovery, transparent markets, and a standardized workflow for negotiating trades, saving time and optimizing returns for market participants.

Our digital network enables international clients consisting of institutional lenders and borrowers (such as banks, corporates, public sector and others) to establish trading relationships and make the most of their liquidity. Both borrowers and lenders can offer their interest on the marketplace through the grid or RFQ and agree on mutually beneficial terms through digital negotiation tools.

Instimatch Global 's goal is to create price transparency in the unsecured overnight and term deposit market for all market participants in a wide range of currencies, enabling the parties involved to transact directly with each other, i.e. to invest money or obtain financing.