Company description

Berenberg was founded in 1590 and is today one of the most successful private banks in Europe. With our Wealth and Asset Management, Investment Bank and Corporate Banking divisions, we offer solutions for private and institutional investors, for companies and organizations. The Hamburg-based bank is managed by personally liable partners and has a strong presence in the financial centers of Frankfurt, London and New York.

In equity fund management, we focus on long-term and consistently pursued investments in companies based on comprehensive analysis and close exchange with their top management. Berenberg has one of the most experienced stock picking and management teams for European equities. Specialized small cap managers provide additional added value.

Our multi-assets, offers globally invested asset management strategies as well as opportunistic approaches. As an active manager, we are characterized by a well-founded opinion on the capital markets, which we implement with decision-making power – also anti-cyclically and away from benchmarks.

Through our flexible and active management in Fixed Income, we identify a variety of opportunities and implement them in a risk-conscious and profitable manner in the interest rate environment. We have particular expertise in eurozone and emerging market bonds, short-dated fixed income and the use of sustainability/ESG criteria.

Investment & Risk Management Solutions, brings our experience and innovative strength to bear in customer-oriented solutions. We focus very deliberately on the needs of institutional investors. In Overlay Management, we offer individual management and hedging strategies for equity market and interest rate risks within a portfolio. In addition to asset management, our range of services also includes consulting services, for example in the form of workshops.