Digital Vault Services GmbH

Financial service provider


Company description

Digital Vault Services GmbH is a SaaS provider and developed the Guarantee Vault, a place for the issuance and safekeeping of digital guarantees. Guarantee Vault is the result of an intensive two-year collaboration of 17 working group members made up of major corporates, banks and sureties. It gives banks & sureties the possibility to centrally issue and store instruments such as Bank Guarantees and Surety Bonds in a digital (paperless) form. This combination of central issuance with digital guarantees is a unique innovation that delivers significant value to all market participants including applicants, banks & sureties and beneficiaries.

Guarantee Vault is the only “Open Guarantor platform” for bank guarantees, surety bonds and corporate guarantees. It allows a connection to any third-party platform via REST API, regardless of whether from an IT-provider, bank or surety. In addition, you can use our intuitive web-interface to digitize your guarantee management.

Guarantee Vault offers long-term, secure and cost-effective services to applicants, guarantors, beneficiaries and intermediaries right across the life of a guarantee including application, issuance and post-issuance.
Through this innovation of digital guarantees, Guarantee Vault brings issuance through a common digital channel allowing market participants real-time updates, certainty, transparency, convenience and predictability.