Hygiene concept

Your safety is our top priority

the Government of Baden-Württemberg has adopted a new legislative decree as a measure against the spread of coronavirus This ordinance came into force on 15.07.2020 and deals with the containment of transmission of the corona virus at trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses (CoronaVO Messen). According to this ordinance, from 1 September 2020, more than 500 visitors may be present at the venue at any one time.

Hygiene rules
Information for exhibitors
Prevention of infection
Organisational measures
Stairs / lifts

Together with an external team of consultants, the Rosengarten has developed a hygiene concept that allows similar events to be held again in compliance with current regulations regarding distance and hygiene. The health of all visitors and employees has the highest priority. The consistent implementation of these regulations makes it possible – albeit to a limited extent – to resume event operations. The most important points for visitors and organisers of the Rosengarten are listed below as examples.

On the event site, m:con as operator and Schwabe, Ley & Greiner as organiser are responsible for the implementation and conscientious observance of the protection and hygiene rules valid at the time of the event. On the exhibition stand, you as an exhibitor are responsible, comparable to compliance with industrial safety laws or fire protection. In addition, the general and special „Technical Guidelines“ of the event remain valid.

We ask you to adapt your stand construction concepts with regard to the applicable protection and hygiene regulations.

We also ask you to name a contact person in your company – who is responsible for the implementation/compliance of the hygiene measures – and to provide his or her contact details at the stand. In addition, the contact details of all persons deployed at the stand must be available on a daily basis.

Distance rules

  • Currently, a minimum distance of 1.5m applies.
  • Stand planning should be more generous and less developed in order to allow as many people as possible to visit the stand simultaneously. We will be happy to provide you with a larger stand space in consultation and, if possible, free of charge.
  • Open spaces around freestanding exhibits must be generously marked with distance markings to provide orientation for visitors.
  • Lectures and presentations at the stand can be held at the exhibition stand in compliance with the currently valid protection and hygiene regulations. A clear guidance of the participants and the allocation of seats is mandatory.
  • Exhibits, showcases, counters, displays, screens, etc. must be moved 1.5 m into the stand if possible to enable visitors to leave the hall aisle.
  • Product presentations directly at the edge of the stand are prohibited in order to prevent crowds of people in the hall aisle.
  • Personal contacts and meeting areas with tables and chairs must be accompanied by suitable structural measures (e.g. acrylic glass panes) or personal protective equipment (mouth-and-nose cover) if the minimum distance is not observed.

Booth Catering

  • Stand parties are not possible under the currently valid conditions.
  • If external catering companies are commissioned, the exhibitor is responsible for monitoring the specifications. Food and drinks can be offered pre-portioned and sealed. In the case of open food, an appropriate acrylic glass partition is additionally required. Mouth and nose covering as well as adherence to the rules of distance and hygiene are assumed.
  • Self-service is not permitted unless the food is packaged.

General information

  • Please note the currently valid entry and quarantine regulations.
  • Distance and hygiene rules can lead to delays in assembly and dismantling. Therefore, please make full use of the assembly and dismantling times provided by the Rosengarten.
  • All companies involved in the exhibition stand (exhibitors, stand constructors, service partners) must be instructed by the exhibitor regarding compliance with the protection and hygiene regulations. Furthermore, all personnel employed by the exhibitor must be informed in terms of occupational health and safety. Any resulting measures are to be presented in a safety and hygiene concept in German. This concept must be presented to the authorities on request. If companies are unable to present such a document, the authorities are entitled to have work stopped immediately. Please document the daily presence of your staff so that you can present this to the authorities on request.
  • Contact your stand constructor in good time regarding the implementation of the protection and hygiene rules at your exhibition stand.
  • In the rose garden, it is generally compulsory to wear a mouth-and-nose cover.
  • At events with fixed seating, visitors can use the mouth-nose-and-nose
  • Remove the cover during the event as soon as you are sitting in your seat.
  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres applies to all those present in the house. Please pay attention to the distance markings on the floor.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available throughout the house. There are also instructions on how to wash your hands regularly and how to comply with the cough and sneeze label.
  • The same protective measures apply at the registration as at a supermarket checkout, including protection against spitting.
  • Distance markings ensure that the minimum distance in the queue is maintained.
  • All doors are open on entry to avoid touching the doors.
  • Visitors will be informed about the organiser’s and public order regulations by means of acoustic and visual systems.
  • The presence of all those present at the venue is recorded.
  • The presentation of the self-declaration of all visitors is obligatory and includes the recording of their identity and individual contact details.

The cloakrooms remain closed during events. Visitors arriving by car are advised to leave their cloakroom in the car. In exceptional cases, the cloakroom can be taken into the event rooms. There it can be placed on the free seating area next to your seat.

  • Food and beverages will generally only be served in the time period and area specified for each event.
  • The food is distributed exclusively by the staff on site. The consumption of food and beverages outside the specified times and designated rooms is not permitted.
  • A bar table is only intended for people from one household or gatherings according to the currently valid regulations.
  • Escalators may only be used at the maximum possible distance in the respective directions of use, so that the paths of the visitors using them do not cross at any time.
  • On the wide staircases in the foyer, oncoming traffic on the right is possible if people keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m and walk as close as possible to the respective handrail of the stairs.
  • The lifts are used exclusively by persons with reduced mobility
  • if necessary with an accompanying person. All other visitors are guided via the escalators or stairs in the Congress Center Rosengarten Mannheim. A notice to this effect is attached to each lift.

Please observe the relevant instructions in front of the doors of the sanitary facilities: the maximum number of persons is not to be exceeded.