Brazil: The ‘yellow brick road’ to sustainable growth starts with responsible fiscal policy

11. Mai 202315:00-15:45Sponsor: BNP Paribas Brazil


Fiscal policy will determine not only the debt trajectory but also Brazil’s
– Different administration, old prob: new fiscal anchor has been established, restoring government revenue levels and ensuring debt stability will be crucial to managing future economic expectations
– Lower growth put off until 2024: positive development in the coming year wit ha still-hot job market
– Greater fiscal incentives combined with brisk economic growth result in a scenario where inflation persists longer


– Laiz Carvalho, BNP Paribas Brazil

  • Sponsor: BNP Paribas Brazil
  • 11. Mai 2023
  • 15:00-15:45
  • Workshop
  • Variohalle 2
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