Enterprise Payment Optimization – The Journey to a Perfect World of Payments

18. Mai 202216:55-17:45Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH | Workshop Stage

Global companies often face challenges with complexity in their payment processes. Internal and external structures are heterogeneous. A platform as a “glue” between those structures is missing.

Attend our session to hear from Maarten Himpe, Vice President Group Treasurer at ContourGlobal, about the organization’s current payments optimization level, the achievements and the roadmap to reach the highest optimization level.

Modern technologies and an up-to-date treasury organization can close the gaps between the structures and deliver added value. The journey to a perfect world of payments is a continuous development process.

Jörg Wiemer, CSO and Co-Founder of TIS, will talk about Enterprise Payment Optimization from a system provider’s point of view.


Maarten Himpe

Vice President Group Treasurer


Jörg Wiemer

CSO und Mitgründer

Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH

  • Sponsor: Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH
  • 18. Mai 2022
  • 16:55- 17:45
  • Workshop Stage
  • Variohalle 4