What the FX?! How to Manage FX Risk with OFX.

11. Mai 202309:55-10:10Sponsor: OFX


As a business operating globally you know that exchange rates fluctuate. But do you know how currency volatility can impact your profits?
Last year saw Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cause major currency volatility in the market which resulted in the EURUSD market rate dropping to its lowest level of $0.95 in September 2022. If you send or receive money internationally,
It’s important to be aware of currency risk. It could be the difference between a profit and a loss. OFX is here to keep you up to date on FX market moves, so you can focus on growing your businesses.


– Harry Narenthira, OFX


– Markus Brock

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  • Sponsor: OFX
  • 11. Mai 2023
  • 09:55-10:10
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