Zukunftsfähige Lösungen für das Treasury – mehr als Banken- und Systemkonnektivität

10. Mai 202314:15-15:00Sponsor: Treasury Intelligence Solutions


The complexity of communication between back-office systems and banks is enormous due to the multitude of different institutions, countries, currencies, payment formats, standards, communication channels and systems. Swarovski has solved this by centralizing the connection of banks and systems via TIS, creating strategic freedom, for example in the on-boarding and off-boarding of banks and accounts and cash management.
Carsten Rueth, Swarovski, presents together with Jörg Wiemer, TIS


– Carsten Rueth, Swarovski
– Jörg Wiemer, Treasury Intelligence Solutions

  • Sponsor: TIS
  • 10. Mai 2023
  • 14:15-15:00
  • Workshop
  • Variohalle 4