ICD is a trusted provider of institutional investment technology for over 500 organisations across 65 industries in 46 countries. For more than two decades, ICD has developed workflow solutions to assist organisations with independent research, trading, analytics and investment reporting.

All of ICD’s technology solutions have been co-innovated with clients. Our award-winning ICD Portal is the go-to industry standard for trading money market funds and other short-term investments. ICD Portal offers independent access to over 450 investment products from more than 40 fund providers and processes approximately $4 trillion trades annually for FTSE 350 and Fortune 1000 companies, and for local authorities. The portal also integrates with nearly all of the industry’s technology systems, such as treasury management systems, banks, ERPs, data providers, and more.

For analysing and reporting all of an organisation’s investments, ICD provides an AI-driven cloud solution, ICD Portfolio Analytics. This solution automates the collection, aggregation and normalisation of investment information across an organisation’s entire portfolio for exposure analysis, monitoring and reporting, at the push of a button.

Wrapped around ICD’s offerings is a high-touch service organization and a Global Trade Desk spanning nine time zones. For more information about ICD, please visit https://icdportal.com or contact us at info@icdportal.com.